Code of Conduct

For over a quarter century, the RIPE community’s strength comes from its breadth of experience, diversity of views, and an open, respectful exchange of ideas – values that we want all of our RIPE Meeting attendees to uphold.

Please treat each other with tolerance and respect. Free speech and an open exchange of ideas are encouraged and celebrated. Demeaning, intimidating or harming anyone at the meeting is wrong. We are especially sensitive to behaviour that offends based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnic origin, or other perceived social, cultural, or personal differences.

Reporting violations

If you experience or witness behaviour that violates the RIPE Meeting Code of Conduct, please report this to our RIPE Meeting Trusted Contacts, Mirjam Kühne and Nick Hyrka from the RIPE NCC. They are specially trained to assist you. You can approach them individually or send an email. All reports will be handled confidentially.

Please be aware that attendees violating the RIPE Meeting Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the meeting without a refund and other actions may be taken as deemed necessary.

RIPE Meeting Trusted Contacts

Mirjam Kühne

Nick Hyrka

Contact email address: trustedcontacts [at] ripe [dot] net