Friday, 12 May

The last day of RIPE 74 kicked-off with a presentation from the group that was examining the diversity of RIPE Meetings. There were a range of issues discussed, including ideas such as arranging childcare for meeting attendees or ensuring that a prayer or meditation room was available. These will all be considered further. The group received a lot of positive comments and ideas from community members in the following discussion.

After the break, Christoph Loibl from next layer looked at BGP Flow Specification Interoperability. This was followed by three lightning talks: Filiz Yilmaz from ASO AC Chair/Akamai Technologies gave an update from the ASO AC, Evgeny Uskov from Qrator Labs presented on a new denial of service vulnerability, and Paul Thornton from PRT Systems shared some interesting challenges he had came across in digital archaeology, including mice.

Razvan from the RIPE NCC gave the technical update, explaining the differences in the setup for this meeting including the new WiFi routers that were being used for the first time.

Hans Petter closed the meeting with some final remarks and presented the PC with presents in recognition of their hard work. There was a quick update on the progress of the Internet of Things BoF from earlier in the week that had decided to form into a working group. They had a list of principles that they would use to develop a charter, and would discuss this further with the community. Hans Petter said he would make sure they reserved space on the agenda for the group at RIPE 75, whether it went on to become a working group or not. Hans Petter also spoke about the RIPE community’s values of openness, transparency and inclusiveness. These were tied in with the community’s diversity efforts. He also announced the end of Last Call on the RIPE Accountability Task Force’s draft scope, which was now considered accepted. The group would now move forward on developing a work plan and timeline with feedback from the RIPE community.

Meeting Statistics:

  • 629 attendees checked in
  • 145 first-time attendees
  • Attendees from 60 countries
  • 112 presentations
  • 1,805 ratings for presentations submitted

RIPE Programme Committee Changes

  • Outgoing PC member – Shane Kerr
  • New PC Members – Franziska Lichtblau and Benno Overeinder (re-elected)

Thanks for making this such a great meeting – see you all at RIPE 75 in Dubai from 22-26 October 2017 (Sunday-Thursday).