Open Source Working Group

Thursday, 11 May 11:00 - 12:30

A. Administrative Matters
Working Group Chairs
  • Welcome
  • Finalise agenda
  • Approval of minutes from previous WG meeting(s)
  • Review of action list
B. Kea - a Modern DHCP Server
Tomek Mrugalski, ISC

Version 1.2 of Kea, a new DHCP solution from ISC, was released in April. It adds a number of new features: a REST API that can expose management commands over an http/JSON interface, a sample python-based management client that is scripting friendly, many new commands and much more.

This presentation will describe several features not common in other servers: modular storage for leases and host reservations (CSV file, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra), scalability (millions of devices handled by a single instance), flex-id (a novel, flexible method of using arbitrary part of the DHCP packet to identify a device) and several others. A brief discussion about the Kea roadmap and perhaps a sneak preview of the upcoming features will conclude the talk.
C. Turris Omnia and its Crowdfunding Campaign
Ondrej Filip, cz.nic

Turris Omnia is an SW and HW open source router. A launch of its production was financed by a crowdfunding campaign. This presentation will show pros and cons of such a funding model and describe difficulties in manufacturing open source hardware. It will also discuss some future possibilities for open source router development.
D. RPKI Tools
Andreas Reuter, FU Berlin

The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is the fundamental routing protocol of the Internet. BGP is ultimately based on trust, which unfortunately is the cause of some glaring vulnerabilities. The Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is part of an ongoing effort to secure BGP. It provides attestation objects for Internet resources.

In this talk, we first give a brief overview about the RPKI architecture, from repositories to BGP routers. Then, we introduce two open source RPKI tools, RPKI MIRO and RTRlib. RPKI MIRO is a framework to monitor and inspect RPKI repositories. Part of this is the RPKI Browser, a graphical user interface that gives convenient access to the structure of the RPKI and the content of RPKI objects. RTRlib is a C library that implements client functionality to gather data from RPKI caches and perform origin validation. It is used in several applications (e.g., Quagga) to validate and monitor BGP updates. These tools are helpful for researchers, developers of routing software, and network operators.
E. FRRouting
Martin Winter, NetDEF, and Attilla de Groot, Cumulus Networks

FRRouting is a new routing protocol suite which is based on Quagga and runs under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation. This talk introduces FRRouting. FRRouting aims to provide much faster and more test-driven development. The presentation looks at the motivation behind FRRouting, what new features it provides now, the future outlook and how to participate.
F. Open Source Lightning Updates

These are short updates on different relevant Open Source projects. They should be five mins (preferably) with a maximum of ten mins (if space allows). No formal submission is required ahead of RIPE, but please send a short message to opensource-wg-chairs [at] ripe [dot] net by noon on Tuesday during the RIPE if you want to present an update. The selection of talks is done on Tuesday afternoon.
  • F.1) Go binding for RIPE Atlas
    Jerry Lundström, DNS OARC