Monday, 8 May

Attendees joining RIPE 74 today were welcomed by warm, sunny weather and a beautiful view of the Danube from the meeting venue. Early birds participated in tutorials and an introduction to RIPE and the RIPE NCC in the Newcomers’ Intro.

The meeting officially began after lunch with plenary sessions. There was the usual introductions by RIPE Chair, Hans Petter Holen, the meeting host representative, Janos Zsako from ISKT and BIX, and Benno Overeinder, the RIPE Programme Committee Chair.

Laura Roberts presents ”The Effect of DNS on Tor’s Anonymity”
Edward Lewis from ICANN gave a presentation on what’s going to happen during the DNSSEC KSK Rollover in 2017. It provided a view of the new KSK, tips and tools for obtaining the key electronically and tools and techniques for building trust in the new KSK.

Laura Roberts from Princeton University gave a presentation on ”The Effect of DNS on Tor’s Anonymity”, how users are still subject to interference at exit relays contradictory to belief and the experiments they conducted in relation to that. The question period prompted a rush to the mics and an engaging conversation ensued.

Queue for the microphone during Andrew Alston’s presentation “Anti-Shutdown Policies – The Rationale”
Brian Nisbet from HEAnet talked about how service demands have evolved over time. Today, downtime is less tolerated and can have more of an impact on customers. He outlined some good practices in minimising downtime and dealing responsibly when the inevitable outage occurs.

Luca Marzialetti from Roma 3 University presented his research work on a tool that allows network operators to monitor their BGP routing at a glance. The tool aims to enhance and extend the overall capabilities of BGPlay.

Andrew Alston from Liquid Telecommunication gave a lightning talk on a policy proposal in the AFRINIC region on anti-shutdown policies. It generated an epic line at the microphones with a lot of input from attendees both at the meeting and following remotely.

The day finished with the Best Current Operation Practices Task Force session, a reception with the RIPE NCC Executive Board and the RIPE 74 Welcome Reception.

There were 520 attendees checked in as of 18:00.