Budapest Street Food: A Guide

(Here is a guide from Ferenc Csorba, RIPE NCC).

You can get delicious street food if you know how to avoid the tourist traps and buy it from the places the locals frequent… this can be tricky, as we’re staying right in the middle of tourist trap central!


A soft dough (flour/potato mix) quickly deep fried in oil. Looks like a soft, crunchy, puffy flat bread. Savoury, topped with garlic or créme fraiche or cheese. Delicious!ángos

Where can you get it?

  • Retró Lángos Büfé at the entrance of Arany János metro station
  • Lángos Máshogy in Kazinczy utca 18 (entrance of Karaván)
  • Lángos Papa at Andrássy út 38


A large tube-shaped hollow crunchy dessert, roasted and grilled on a spit after being rolled in crunched walnut, cinnamon and sometimes rum. Many other options as well if you don’t like cinnamon or walnut. Amazingly delicious!ürtőskalács

Where can you get it?

  • You can often find these at the entrance of major metro stations (like Deák station)
  • A more upmarket version can be found at “Street Cake” on Andrássy út 61. Here you can get a gluten-free vegan version and others filled with fruits or sweets (personally I believe a filled kürtőskalács is the work of the devil – that’s not the authentic way it should be eaten).
  • There is a good stall in the old Royal Castle courtyard as well: walk towards the Lion Courtyard (Oroszlános Udvar) and use your nose to follow the cinnamon smell. This is more expensive than other places. (around HUF 1,000 or EUR 3)


Small savoury baked scones, filled sparingly with cheese or cottage cheese, pork crackles, cabbage or seasoned with black pepper. Served hot and crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. You can buy them at the entrance of most metro stations.ácsa

Where can you get it?

  • Look out for the Fornetti sign. At the Deák metro station there is a Fornetti Pogácsa stall halfway down the escalator, on the intermediate level.

Actually at the Deák metro station (very near to the Intercontinental) you can probably get both Kürtőskalács and Pogácsa.

Alternatively, very close to the Deák metro station, is Király utca (street). At the beginning of Király street there are many small shops and stalls selling all the following local delicacies: Langos, Kürtőskalács, Pogácsa.

But if you’re lazy you can still go to Vörösmarty Square near the Intercontinental, practically a Christmas market for tourists that lasts the whole year through. It is very touristy area, but you can get Langos, Kürtőskalács and Pogácsa there. It might be a bit more expensive, but the quality is okay.

Enjoy and “Jó étvágyat”!