Candidate Biographies

Benno Overeinder

Benno Overeinder is managing director of NLnet Labs, a non-profit research lab whose mission is to build a bridge between academic results and practical deployment of new technology in our networks. Before joining NLnet Labs in 2007, I worked in academia as researcher and assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam.

At my work, I am particularly interested in how results from research have practical and operational implications for how we run our networks. My chief topics of interest are Internet infrastructure stability, security, privacy and the interplay between (open) standards, software development, operational practices, and policies and governance. My main focus is on the two key components that turn a network of networks into an open Internet for all, namely DNS and inter-domain routing.

Benno J. Overeinder
NLnet Labs


Rhalina (Franziska Lichtblau)

I have been working with the free and open source software community for more than ten years now, where I have been involved in conference organisation and programme selection. I’ve also been a regular RIPE Meeting attendee since 2013.

I am a researcher as Technische Universit├Ąt Berlin, working in the area of network measurement. My work focusses especially on the inter-domain and interconnection world as well as some aspects of security.

My reason for running for a seat on the PC is that, since becoming involved in the RIPE community, I got amazingly good feedback and input with regards my personal and professional work. As such, I would like the opportunity to make my own contribution to the RIPE meeting as a whole.


Sean Stuart

Engineer, Infrastructure Planning & Strategy

Sean Stuart currently works as a Peering Coordinator and Infrastructure Architect for Verisign. Over the last 20 years, Sean has been operating and designing both enterprise and service provider networks, as well as large scale DNS resolution services. He served on the DNS-OARC Programme Committee from 2013 through 2016. At Verisign, Sean’s topics of interest are critical infrastructure availability and scalability, address policy, and increasing the footprint of widely anycasted DNS services.