11:01 < Robert_NCC> Hi everyone, I'm Robert from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions / comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name / affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins.
11:01 < Robert_NCC> This is the Tuesday morning, 11:00-12:30 plenary session at RIPE 74.
11:01 < Robert_NCC>
11:01 < Robert_NCC> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
11:01 < vahidmemari> Hi everyone
11:01 < Robert_NCC> Philip Berndroth & Maximilian Wilhelm have begun the presentation "AS201701 - Freifunk Rheinland e.V."
11:20 < Robert_NCC1> Philip & Maximilian have asked for questions.
11:25 < ongolaBoy> Robert_NCC1: hi. a little question. Do they consider use instead of Quagga , FRR ?
11:25 < Robert_NCC1> can I have your name please?
11:25 < ongolaBoy> Willy MANGA
11:28 < ongolaBoy> thanks
11:28 < Robert_NCC1> pleasure
11:29 < ongolaBoy> I should have add «The FRRouting Protocol Suite, forked from Quagga» but that's ok
11:29 < Robert_NCC1> people from the audience added that
11:29 < Robert_NCC1> The presentation has ended.
11:29 < Robert_NCC1> Geoff Huston has begun the presentation "An Introduction to Internet of Stupid Things".
11:44 < mickod-2110> offtopic: anyone here fancy some adhoc tech support to get openvpn working with dual stack ?
11:44 < mickod-2110> i'm feeling a little silly today
11:47 < Habbie> mickod-2110, are you offering or asking? 😉
11:50 < cron2> mickod-2110: you called for openvpn tech support, what can I do for you? 🙂
11:54 < Robert_NCC1>
11:54 < Robert_NCC1> Geoff has asked for questions.
11:54 < rvs> (not necessary to relay though) another problem might when this iot is subverted for other purposes, either by hackers or nation powers.
11:54 < ripe495> Philippe Duke, NetAssist LLC. How do you see current divergence of SoC platforms. How important the opensource Linux support concern for you?
11:55 < Robert_NCC1> ack
11:56 < ripe495> P.S. How do you think. Is Free Software may fix the problem a little bit?
11:57 < rvs> imho it allows for better peer review. but then gaping kernel holes have been sitting there for a decade, so YMMV
12:00 * rvs agrees on the unstoppable force. but I hope it will serve as an example for others who will take a different aim and direction.
12:05 < Robert_NCC1> The presentation has ended.
12:05 < Robert_NCC1> Lightning talks are coming up now.
12:05 < Robert_NCC1> Thomas King has begun the presentation "RFC7999 BLACKHOLE BGP Community for Blackholing".
12:08 < Robert_NCC1> Thomas has asked for questions.
12:14 < cron2> more snakes needed!
12:14 < Robert_NCC1> The presentation has ended.
12:14 < Robert_NCC1> Nurani Nimpuno has begun the presentation "The IANA Numbering Services Review - an update".
12:19 < Robert_NCC1> Nurani has asked for questions.
12:19 < Robert_NCC1> The presentation has ended.
12:19 < Robert_NCC1> Theo Voss has begun the presentation "Simplify Sponsoring, Speed up Communities".
12:20 < acidflash> if you could please ask them to wait for the delay time atleast
12:20 < acidflash> because Nurani left before the presentation even finished via live straeming
12:20 < acidflash> streaming*
12:21 < Robert_NCC1> yes, that makes remote questions somewhat difficult
12:25 < Robert_NCC1> Theo has asked for questions.
12:26 < acidflash> Maher Kassem/Masco group/Lebanon
12:26 < Robert_NCC1> The presentation has ended.
12:26 < acidflash> Could you ask what kind of incentives the sponsors get, to "push" along the sponsorship process?
12:26 < acidflash> Oh ok, too bad.
12:26 < Robert_NCC1> i'm sorry
12:26 < acidflash> No proble.
12:27 < Robert_NCC1> perhaps you can get in touch with him via email?
12:27 < acidflash> Yeah why not, i'll do that.
12:27 < Robert_NCC1> This session has now ended.