09:07 <Joop_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Joop from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins."
09:08 <Joop_RIPENCC> Marco Schmidt, RIPE NCC Policy Development Officer has begun the presentation "Current Policy Topics"
09:12 <GPF> Mmh the stream is stuttering on my end, is that only me?
09:14 <cron2> mornin'
09:27 <Joop_RIPENCC> Marco Schmidt has asked for questions
09:33 <Joop_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
09:34 <Joop_RIPENCC> Andrea Cima has begun the presentation "Feedback from RIPE NCC Registration Services"
09:47 <Joop_RIPENCC> Andrea Cima has asked for questions
09:52 <GPF> The VLC stream (RTSP) is stuttering very much
09:52 <mickod-2110> might be a general problem
09:53 <GPF> the embedded one is fine but is behind a lot more. perhaps someone could look into the RTSP stream
09:53 <Joop_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
09:53 <mickod-2110> the standard stream (embedded) did freeze some minutes ago
09:53 <GPF> mickod-2110: works for me
09:53 <mickod-2110> GPF: yeah i'm looking at it here again
09:54 <Joop_RIPENCC> Marco Schmidt has begun the presentation "Outdated References in Policy Documents"
09:55 <Gert_APWG_Chair> I've asked ops to look into the choppy stream
09:56 <mickod-2110> cheers gert
09:56 <GPF> Gert_APWG_Chair: thanks, it's only the RTSP based stream, the other is fine. but RTSP is around 15-25 seconds faster so I would love to use that again 🙂
09:56 <mickod-2110> it's fine now fyi
09:57 <GPF> hm still choppy here
09:57 <schiller_dmwd> same here too
10:00 <mickod-2110> yeah sorry the rtsp isn't fixed
10:00 <mickod-2110> still quite choppy
10:01 <adam_RIPENCC> @mickod-2110 @GPF thanks for letting us know, we're looking into the stream stuttering issue
10:01 <GPF> adam_RIPENCC: thanks 🙂
10:10 <ripe517> Could learn from "cosmetic surgery" experience (Niall O'Reilly)
10:16 <GPF> the stream is gone
10:16 <GPF> aand there it is again
10:16 <adam_RIPENCC> @GPF yes sorry, it went for a bit of time there. It should be up now
10:16 <GPF> yeah
10:17 <Nathalie_RIPENCC> .
10:17 <Gert_APWG_Chair> starting discussion on 2017-01
10:17 <Gert_APWG_Chair> well, presentation, then discussion
10:20 <adam_RIPENCC> @GPF @mickod-2110 is the stream on the RTSP better for you now?
10:22 <GPF> adam_RIPENCC: Yes, waited a bit but it is running fine now
10:22 <GPF> adam_RIPENCC: thanks!
10:24 <adam_RIPENCC> Great, thanks! Sorry about the skipping