14:01 < Tim_RIPENCC> Hi everyone, I'm Tim Bruijnzeels from the RIPE NCC. If you have questions/comments for the presenter and want me to read it out, please state your name/affiliation and I'll go to the mic when questions are called for. Keep in mind that there is up to a 30 second delay for remote participants, so it's better to get your questions in before the question period begins."
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14:01 < Tim_RIPENCC> Jen Linkova has begun the presentation "Administrative Matters".
14:02 < Tim_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:02 < Tim_RIPENCC> Enno Rey has begun the presentation "Do They Follow (the Specs) - A Look at IPv6 Address Selection from the Lab".
14:21 < Tim_RIPENCC> Enno Rey has asked for questions.
14:28 < Tim_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:28 < Tim_RIPENCC> Friso Feenstra has begun the presentation "Corporate IPv6 Number Plan".
14:42 < Tim_RIPENCC> Friso Feenstra has asked for questions.
14:42 < Tim_RIPENCC> The presentation has ended.
14:43 < Tim_RIPENCC> Panel Discussion: IPv6 in Enterprise has begun.
15:00 < ripe149> question for Rabobank: will they put pressure on Dutch ISP's to enable IPv6 for their users?
15:01 < ripe149> after all they have invested quite a lot in IPv6...)
15:01 < Tim_RIPENCC> Hi ripe149, the floor is not open to questions yet, but I can read out your question later
15:02 < Tim_RIPENCC> can you please tell me your name and affiliation?
15:02 < ripe149> Thank you: Marco Davids, SIDN
15:02 < Tim_RIPENCC> Oh, hi Marco, sure
15:20 < Tim_RIPENCC> Panel Discussion is open to questions.
15:21 < ripe149> o/
15:21 < ripe149> 😉
15:30 < Tim_RIPENCC> Panel Discussion has ended. This session has now ended.