08:49 < ChrisNCC> Good morning all. The Cooperation Working Group will be starting in roughly 10 minutes
09:01 < ChrisNCC> The first presentation will be on CGN and Online Crime Attribution from Gregory Mounier, Europol
09:30 < ChrisNCC> Alain Durand, ICANN, is now speaking about Digital Object Architecture
09:47 < CorinneC> Question for the speaker: Dear Alain, thank you for the interesting presentation. I had some connection issues in the middle of your talk, so apologies if you already covered this. But can you please clarify what you expect the community to do vis-a-vis DOA? Are you in favor of use and implementation of DOA?
09:50 < CorinneC> And if so, have you considered the human rights implications of this technology?
09:54 < brian-1213> Hmm, is there actually an NCC chat monitor in the room, given Chris seemed to quit?
09:59 < CorinneC> maybe we can come back to this in the AOB?
10:02 < brian-1213> If nobody seems to appear I'll raise it to the chairs.
10:03 < brian-1213> And here's ChrisNCC!
10:04 < ChrisNCC> sorry folks, some technical difficulties there - Marco Hogewoning is now speaking about the ITU's work in IoT
10:04 < ChrisNCC> if I missed any comments that people wanted read out on the mic, please re-post them now
10:07 < CorinneC> argh
10:07 < CorinneC> connection issues
10:08 < ChrisNCC> are you watching the vide, Corinne?
10:09 < CorinneC> i.e. snake oil?)
10:09 < CorinneC> yes chirs
10:09 < CorinneC> chris
10:09 < CorinneC> i think marco just answered my question
10:10 < CorinneC> but was wondering if alain
10:10 < CorinneC> also considers DOA to be snake oil 😉
10:13 < ChrisNCC> I can ask 🙂
10:14 < CorinneC> great
10:16 < CorinneC> thanks chris
10:22 < ChrisNCC> thanks everyone!